Dear Anxiety


I am sat here on my bed after a day of feeling absolutely crap, and I finally feel the need to vent all my feelings – to write them down and try to release some of the pressure currently weighing me down. 2016 has by far been my worst year in terms of my mental health. I know I have suffered with depression for at least 4 years but for the last year, anxiety has taken a massive toll on my life and it has been getting increasingly worse. I hit an all time low back in March 16 where I FINALLY went to the doctors for help. I was put on citalopram and I began to see a difference after a couple of months. However, my mental health reared its ugly head again and the last few months have been the hardest yet. I am now on double the dosage of my anti-depressants and I want nothing more than for things to get better.

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My Perfect Everyday Eyeshadow Quad

bodyshop palette

I love my eyeshadow palettes, and I have way more than I care to admit. But there is something about a palette with loads of shadows in which is too much for when I am in a massive rush (most mornings). And lets be honest, you never really like or use every shade.

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HEALTHY Chocolate Cake Recipe


As many of you may know I am trying my hardest to be healthier with my food choices, which is going really well. I recently found a recipe for this chocolate cake from Madeline Shaw’s ‘Get The Glow’ book and I thought I would recreate it. It is flour and gluten free, but you can’t tell – It is gooey and rich and tastes just like brownies! It turned out so well I thought I would share it with you all.

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Healthy Snack Haul


Hello again internet lovelies, I’m back today with a food inspired post. I have recently gone on a healthy eating lifestyle change in a bid to feel better in myself and to lose some weight! So when I was in London the other day I popped into Planet Organic, the one on Tottenham Court Road in London, and grabbed some different healthier snacks to give a try! Basically because I am always hungry and I need snacks to stop me from grabbing unhealthy options. This post is not sponsored, I just am very passionate about eating healthier right now and I hope this can give you some ideas too!

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So I was sat in the hairdressers the other day and it got me thinking a lot about some of the awkward moments that are bound to happen each and every time. So I thought why not do a blog post on it and give us all a little giggle on a Wednesday morning.

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My Current Make Up Menu


Hello again lovely people. Today is a really beautiful day here in the UK and it has got me dreaming of glowy tanned summer skin. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my most recent make up routine for the current brighter and (a little bit) warmer days.


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Boots NYX Haul


So the other night I was feeling rather spendy. And that usually means I will have a browse (for hours) on the Boots website and put everything I lay my eyes on in my basket.. whoops.

I have been wanting to try some NYX products since Boots started stocking them and I am so happy I finally ordered some bits. Here’s what I got:

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For those of you who don’t know, the Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 500 followers. If you are nominated you are set 11 questions to answer from the person who nominated you. It is a chance for others to discover new blogs.

I have been nominated by the lovely Kaitlin from (Thanks Kaitlin!) and here are the 11 questions she set me to answer:

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